Gheorghe Zamfir – the World’s King of Pan Flute

A living legend with over 300 works in folkloric, chamber, choral, vocal, instrumental and symphonic style, Gheorghe Zamfir is a Romanian artist, musician and virtuoso of the pan flute, worldwide known as the King of Pan flute.
The Master’s grandiose career spans over 185 albums, having sold 120 million records worldwide, and obtained more than 100 gold and platinum discs, along with countless awards and honours worldwide. Finding his way of expression through the pan flute, he succeeded to conquer the applauses of the entire Planet.
He is the first Romanian artist who won two golden discs in USA, and sang in a private mesa of a Pope (John Paul II, in 1988).

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The Gheorghe Zamfir International Pan Flute Academy

The desire to pass on to new generations the knowledge of playing one of the oldest instruments known by humankind, the Pan flute, is always been the unspoken dream in the heart of Master Gheorghe Zamfir.
This dream slowly materialized over the course of several years of increasing requests and masterclasses done with students coming from all over the world. Now, in 2021, it is time to fully bloom it into reality with the occasion of his 80th birth anniversary, in the shape of the world’s first International Pan Flute Academy, a unique building and educational concept that will be hosted by the Master’s home country, Romania.
All the details of the project are public and visible on the Gheorghe Zamfir Foundation web site (
With your contribution, we can join in transforming the Master’s dream into reality and secure a legacy of unspoken musical value and artistic expression.

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#weareZamfir Campaign supports the International Pan Flute Academy project with two initiatives on its platform, both initiatives being meant as part of a crowdfunding campaign.
The campaign will run in 2 main directions.
The first consisting in the sale of virtual parts (Bricks) of the future building of the Zamfir Academy, transposed in the form of unique numerical codes arranged on digital certificates, codes that will later be inscribed as ARtag directly on the physical bricks arranged in the amphitheater of the Zamfir Academy. So that those who will purchase them will see their names as founders “floating” in the area of the Academy Amphitheater in AR (Augmented Reality) mode.
And a second direction, together with our partners from Untold, consisting in the realization of a collection of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) resulting from the memorable moments of Master Gheorghe Zamfir together with the greatest DJs from the festival stage.

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