Campaign #weareZamfir

#weareZamfir Campaign supports the Gheorghe Zamfir Pan Flute International Academy with two initiatives on its platforms, both of them being meant to represent fund collection campaigns for the project.

The campaign will be carried out with two main directions.

The first direction is the sale of virtual parts of the future building of the Gheorghe Zamfir Academy, as unique numeric codes listed on digital certificates, codes which will be written as AR tag directly on the physical bricks ordered in the Zamfir Academy Amphitheatre. Thus, those who will purchase them will see their names as founders “floating” in the area of the Academy Amphitheatre in AR (Augmented Reality).

The second direction, together with the partners from Untold, consists of the creation of a NFT collection (Non Fungible Tokens) resulted from the memorable moments of Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir together with the greatest DJs in the world.

NFT definition:

NFTs are unique digital assets that use blockchain technology in order to provide a originality and ownership certificate for a work of art, music or even over a physical property. Through their nonfungible nature (which makes them unique), NFTs represent a unique electronic form of collection which opens unprecedented possibilities for artists and content creators.

The Academy will have 2 main areas: The Academy Amphitheatre, where the AR “Bricks” can be bought, and the main building of the Academy, where large format banners can be purchased, both in digital format.

“AR bricks” will have a one-on-one correspondence with the real marble bricks, which will be installed in the Amphitheatre, all of them will have a position defined in advance in the final drawings of the project and will also have an AR tag which will allow a very easy and intuitive way to identify the real marble brick once the construction is completed.

(An AR label is a fiducial market system used to support augmented reality. They can be used to facilitate the appearance of virtual objects, games and animations in the real world.)

AR brick definition:

AR brick is a software product which provides clients with the possibility to be part of an iconic project – the Gheorghe Zamfir Pan Flute International Academy. The software associates a unique numeric code to each client.

Together with the transaction confirmation, clients will immediately receive a digital certificate issued by the owner of the project, the Gheorghe Zamfir Foundation, signed by Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir, where the personal data which the client consents to share and the unique numeric code will be mentioned.

In a later stage, by using their purchased unique numeric code, each client can obtain an AR label or a PMBC, which, by using any device with an appropriate app, will allow them to identify the brick inside the Academy.

“Large format banners” will correspond to the building’s surfaces, visible through the AR app, which will display property images, messages or logos agreed with our sales department; for this product, please contact us by email at: academ[email protected]

Join the Campaign and buy your own brick in order to write History with us.