The Gheorghe Zamfir International Pan Flute Academy

The Gheorghe Zamfir International Pan Flute Academy

The desire to pass on to the new generations the science to play one of mankind’s oldest known instruments, the pan flute, was always the unspoken dream of the maestro Gheorghe Zamfir.
This dream has materialised slowly throughout the years by larger requests and courses taught for students from the entire world.
Now, in 2021, it’s time to make his dream a reality, on the occasion of his 80-year anniversary, as the first Pan Flute International Academy in the world, a unique building and an educational concept which will be hosted by the maestro’s origin country, Romania.

After 60 days of study and ideas from five international architects, transposed into various shapes, Gheorghe Zamfir Foundation has chosen the proposal of Italian architect Francesca Di Palo, associate of the Arkitetti architecture firm. Francesca was involved in various projects, mainly active in the rehabilitation of artistic historical buildings and various theatre opera projects.

Francesca di Palo and her colleagues have perfectly drawn up the main needs of the musical school Gheorghe Zamfir Pan Flute International Academy, which consist of:

▪ Class rooms
▪ Campus for students with scholarship
▪ Concert hall with stage
▪ Pan Flute Museum
▪ Library
▪ Office space
▪ Meeting room
▪ Restaurant / Bistro

The project is based on the idea of creating an all-in-one cultural centre, for pleasure, artistic production and distribution of art, in a manner specifically dedicated to music.

Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir being a lover of nature, involved in many green campaigns, wanted the Academy which bears his name to implement a multitude of solutions from the field of energetic conservation, thus transforming it into a veritable green building.

The structure is divided in 4 areas:

The amphitheatre is comprised of semi-circular stairs covering a total surface of 1300 sqm, which allows us to host over a thousand persons.

Zephyr Towers
The towers have a vertical structure, comprised of 20 circular elements, each with a diameter of 10 metres and inter-connected, on various levels, by internal stairs and elevators. The main tower will be fitted with a dedicated entry and panoramic elevators, which will allow direct access to the top floor, consisting of a closed panoramic structure, fully made of glass and an open terrace above.

The shell is a small amphitheatre created for the specific activities of the Academy and for artistic shows. It is manufactured from white stone and a roof mobile system can be built.

The auditorium can host five hundred persons. The superior part of the auditorium will be entirely covered with plants, small olive trees, a lawn and games dedicated to musical art, thus creating a small musical park for children.

All the project’s details can be found on the website of the Gheorghe Zamfir Foundation.

Through augmented reality technology, the Academy’s physical architecture is continued to the virtual space, creating a building with a hybrid nature, which starts from the physical plan and continues naturally into the digital space, representing an artistic expression of the synthesis between artistic tradition and technological innovation. “Cărămizile Magice” (Magic Bricks) will represent the method by which each person can contribute to the fund collection for the Gheorghe Zamfir Pan Flute International Academy, thus having the opportunity to leave behind a legacy for future generations, the name remaining written in the building’s digital component.

This will be possible by using AR tags, which represent anchors to the physical, real world, in order to mark the virtual component (by watching through smartphone or special glasses in that direction, the individual contribution will become visible). The Zamfir Foundation, through has also prepared a system of digital banners which can be purchased by large investors, institutions, who want to support this project and benefit from a unique hybrid exposure.

Join the Campaign and buy your own brick in order to write History with us.